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Red Bird Tutoring

We believe that the most rapid progress happens when learners feel happy, safe and confident and when tutors are able to adapt sessions to an individual’s needs.

Whether you choose small-group or individual tutoring, your child will benefit from Red Bird’s unique blend of teaching and coaching.

We give learners the tools and support they need to inspire a life-long change of attitude to learning, leading to success both in school and in life.

So, whether you want to improve your English, Maths or Science, we’ve got the perfect tutor for your child.

Blue Squid Learning

Blue Squid is a new way of teaching and learning that appreciates young people as individuals, treats them with kindness and respect and prepares them for the real world.

Inspiring young people to reignite a passion for learning, build 21st-Century skills, and face their futures with confidence.

Term time, Monday – Friday, 09:30 – 12:30

Confident Schools

Confident Schools is a whole-school self-managed well-being programme designed to bring your staff closer together as a community.

In the strive to create a better school occasionally the human side of your community can get forgotten and this program aims to redress that balance.

By the end of it, you will all know each other better, you’ll recognise that you all bring different strengths to the table, you will have created a joint vision for your school and you’ll have a plan on using this vision and shared values to take the school forward into the future.

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